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Comodita Soft

Comodita Soft

Super SOFT, another mattress to meet your requirements in achieving quality sleep.

For all those who prefer moderately soft mattress.
• Mattress composed of 3 layers Polyurethan foam.
• Porous structure, easy adoptable.
• Airmes Sides for an optimal ventilation.

These sides help to remove the humid air from the mattress and put in the fresh air, increasing the air circulation steadily all over the mattress. Sleep comfortably in the right temperature.

• 3 Layers with different densities, made to support your body during all movements.

• Offers balanced positions during sleep, regardless the position you choose to sleep.

• For all those who prefer moderately soft mattresses.

• Micro-fibers soft cover, made of Florentine knitting, to enable comfortable sleep-without troubles.

• Mattress thckness from 21 cm!

• Mattress with a 5 years guarantee!

• Available in strandard and non-strandards dimensions.