Ventius International

About Us

For Decades we have been and continue to remain leaders in Kosova market, known for our diversity and products.

Ventius International established in 1989. At the very start, it was a small company counting only 30 employees
guided by a simple technology but with a big mission : “to reinvent the sleeping experience”.

Continuously growing and developing, Ventius International today is a well-known international Company, with
2.400 employees and state-of-art-technology with a space of 120,000m2.

Each of the production processes and phases is designed to produce high quality products. Using breakthrough
technologies and guided by customers’ needs, we manage to design not only modern products, but comfortable
ones too.Comodita holds certificates by international standards: ISO 9000, ISO 14001, CertiPur, OekoTex.

Every batch of produced foam is tested in our laboratory. We are testing physical and mechanical properties of
the foam, such as foam hardness, foam resilience, foam stretching and many more. Every step of the production
is monitored by internal quality control.

Ventius International produces annually, in the capacity of 36000 Ton of foams, 2.5 million pieces mattresses,
600.000 pieces toppers and 2,5 million pillows. The products are curated to increase the quality of sleep.

Ventius International exports to the United State of America, Canada and across Europe. In addition, our
high-quality products are listed in international brands such as: Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, CVB Malouf,
Classic Brand, Adba Group, Us Sleep and DHP, expanding the operations and selling in the USA. Moreover,
the production section exports on a regular basis also in Europe, in Eazzy, Felman, MPS, Holandia, Ditex,
Hasiki and Emmezeta.

The goal of the company is to expand the capacity of production and to design efficient and automated production
facilities to provide competitive products and competitive pricing

However, the core goal and vision of Ventius International is not completed yet. Utilizing all our efforts, commitment and passion for the work, Ventius International’s
vision is to look forward to new opportunities by designing new products and by increasing production capacities while expanding in new markets and soon to be a
global brand.

We create products for better sleep!


500 +
completed projects

Let The Numbers speak for us:

600 +
Highly specialised


around the world


Ventius International is based on the following segments:

Costumers relations product menagment

Loyalty of staff

Staff and community development

Research and development and cost control

Social Responsibility

We at Ventius International try to achive the highest standards of social responsibility.

Moreover, we have always believed in the importance of creating a large and sustainable company that provide different innovative product and services.

Our strategic dedication includes responsibility towards our staff, business partners, enviorment and responsibility towards the public sector.

Considering out growth as an integral part of
development of society, we place contribution
to the society in the heart of our business philosophy.


The quality is the key for creation and protection of our brands.

Our team of experts, in line with market requirments, conducts market needs analysis and base on results, sets the concept for a new product Creating and product.

Creating and producing a safe and desired product complex process of different steps and phases.

Quality control is conducted by a professional
team who provides the highest level of analytical support.

Differentiation of our products is one of the main points where we are focused.