Integrated policy

Quality, Environment, Security, Health and Safety at work policy

                Ventius international LLC is a company which deals with the production of flexible polyurethane foam and mattresses of various shapes, dimensions and qualities.

Ventius international LLC was established as a business, following the family tradition of Devolli Corporation. This tradition is based on the best local tradition of providing good products and services, advancing good business practices in conjunction with international best practices in this regard.

                The history of Ventius International LLC is a success and development story in the service of the users of these products / services. Through our products / services we want to offer a pleasant atmosphere to our customers. Our constant goal and commitment have been and will be to offer customers quality and innovation in choosing our products / services, each time with new concepts

                Thanks to the qualified sand many years of experience staff , we offer our services in the field of production of polyurethane foam. In response to the ever-increasing demands of the market, we offer our clients advice and technical advice for the development of individual forms of polyurethane. Ongoing development, high quality control approach and investments in the latest technology have enabled us to become a strategically important partner for many furniture companies.

Our goal is to provide quality products / services that fully meet the requirements of our customers and legal requirements, ensuring a stable financial situation and meeting the interests of the owners of the enterprise. Through the implementation of quality management system, environment and system of health and safety at work, security of the employees and company assets , according to ISO standards : ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 and BS 18001:2007 OHSAS , ISO 45001:2018 we will achieve the requirements of the customer, product and service, owners, employees, local legislative and society in general.

 To achieve our goal the management and employees of Ventius International LLC, are obliged to:

  • Meet the requirements, needs and expectations of the client.
  • Act according to separate responsibilities and defined procedures.
  • Continuously meet the requirements arising from European directives for products.
  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes and staff skills
  • Act preventively in order to avoid non-conformities
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the efficiency of the management system.
  • Expanding the range of products / services with continuous usage of new technologies
  • Improving infrastructure and reducing product costs
  • Recognize, implement and review quality management policy, environment and safety at work

Obligations can be achieved only with the knowledge, professionalism, dedication and motivation of our employees, building their skills, monitoring technological development and market demands.