VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC Ethical Trade Policy sets standards, business practices, corporate ethics and corporate governance required by our supply chains in the and international market.

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VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC's Ethics and Trade Policy sets out organizational requirements which include support to all international human rights norms and codes, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, core labor standards and voluntary safety principles. and human rights.

VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC is a company that deals with the production of flexible polyurethane foam, mattresses and mattress accessories.

VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC was established as a business, following the family tradition of Devolli Corporation. This tradition is based on the best Albanian tradition of providing good products and services, advancing good business practices in combination with international best practices in this regard.

The history of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC is a success and development story at the service of the users of these products / services. Through our products and services we want to create a pleasant atmosphere for our customers. Our constant goal and commitment has been and will be to offer customers quality and innovation in choosing our products / services every time with new concepts. Particular commitment to the principles of Business Ethics and the selection of suppliers.

The company is a member of the Trade Ethics Initiative (ETI), an alliance of companies, unions and non-profit organizations that aims to promote respect for workers' rights worldwide. VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC is also a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethics Data Exchange) which is a web-based platform for suppliers to share trade ethics information with their customers.

We expect all our suppliers to have ethical processes throughout their supply chain.

VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC expects all suppliers to understand and respect our Ethical Trading policy.




Basic principles:

1.1 Regular employment: Employment will be provided on the basis of an employment relationship established through state law and practice.

1.2 Compulsory work : Suppliers will employ all employees of their own free will without subjecting / forcing any employees.

1.3 Child Labor: Suppliers will not employ people under the minimum legal working age

1.4 Safe and healthy work environments: Suppliers will provide employees with safe and healthy working environments.

1.5 Discrimination: Suppliers will strive to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace and will not be involved in discrimination in relation to recruitment and employment practices.

1.6 Abuse and harassment: Suppliers will respect the human rights of employees and must not tolerate abuse or any form of harassment.

1.7 Working hours: Suppliers ensure that working hours and the use of permit rights are properly monitored so as not to violate any legal regulations.

1.8 Anti-corruption: Suppliers will engage in fair business practices, avoid corruption including bribery and extortion, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

1.9 Environment: Suppliers need to work to protect the environment and consider the environmental impact of their business activities on local communities and ecosystems.


2.0 Monitoring:

To ensure that all approved suppliers of finished goods and suppliers of raw materials operate in accordance with the above policy, VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC may conduct a risk assessment at the supplier, including requiring independent ethical audits of the supplier undertaken at appropriate intervals.


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