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We believe that Human Capital is the most valuable asset that a company can have and VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC gives particular priority to this issue. We share the belief that the success of the company depends directly on the behavior of each employee. Together, we are committed to building the future of the company on the foundations of professional expertise, integrity and solid values. This requires ensuring the commitment of all employees throughout the company, to gain the trust of our partners, customers and shareholders, also of public officials and civil society representatives in each country / region where VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC operates . To do this, we must strictly abide by the laws and regulations. At the same time, we need to go further and make sure that every decision is guided by a deep sense of ethical responsibility. The world in which VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC operates continues to change at an accelerated pace VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC can manage these changes by anticipating them, adapting them and being innovative owing to an organizational culture anchored by solid values. This spirit has shaped our Code of Business Ethics, which sets out the rules that govern all our actions, in line with our core values. VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC Code of Ethics guides our thinking, our behavior, our actions and our decisions . As VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC, compliance with these values and principles also serves to maintain and enhance the reputation of the entire Group. We believe that all our employees have a responsibility to act as representatives of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC, fully committed to these values and principles, which reinforce our contribution to society, our unity and our continued success. .




The purpose of this document is to enable the development of business ethics regulations, to raise awareness on this topic and to write them, to increase the organizational culture in matters of business ethics and conduct at VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC. The document sets out the core values and principles of working in the company and serves as the foundation for our responsible ethical organizational culture, in accordance with statutory documents such as "Human Resources Policy and Procedures", "Codes of Business Ethics and Implementation of VENTIUS Basic Regulations INTERNATIONAL LLC and the principles of responsible Corporate Governance.

 2.1 Our primary values

  • Integrity: We achieve our goals through honesty and seriousness while respecting professional rules and ethics.
  • Justice: At work and in our principles, we are a family motivated which is right and honest.
  • Confidentiality:We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.
  • Transparency: We are guided by the value of transparency and reliability
  • Responible: We ensure high responsibility to all related parties.


2.2 Our working principles

  • Groups work: We work as a synchronized team.
  • Responsible: We perform our duties according to rules and professional ethics.
  • Open communication: We encourage communication and openness in order for everyone to feel in it.
  • Quality: We are a well-known brand because our quality of work makes the difference
  • Effectiveness: We work in a changing world, which requires continuous improvement and high efficiency.


  1. Responsibilities

While the employees of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC perform their duties, they act at the highest level and the legislation of the state, where they carry out their activity inside or outside the country. The information, documentation and information related to this activity are kept in a regular and flawless manner. Any report, presentation, financial statement or decision submitted to the relevant authorities and which are open to the public by VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC, is prepared with maximum accuracy, precision and transparency in accordance with the legal framework and internal regulations.

Employee and Workplace Responsibilities VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment, as well as to provide fair and equitable access for employees.

In this context, in order to create a safe and fair working environment, it is not allowed to differentiate between employees within the institution due to: physical disabilities, age, religion, sect, belief, political opinion, gender, color, race, language and other similar reasons. People on equal terms are given equal opportunities. Reward and career parameters are based on performance and productivity. The performance and payment management process will be explained in detail in the relevant procedures. In all human resource processes (employment, promotion, transfer, change of position / department, rewards, training, social rights, etc.) are followed by fair policies and without differentiation. Violation of employee immunity in any workplace through any form of physical violence, sexual harassment or psychological violence is contrary to law and the code of ethics. Planned and systematic actions aimed at causing resignation, reduced performance, loss of job satisfaction of the targeted person, in a way that is assessed as psychological provocation, will not be tolerate. In all countries / regions where VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC operates, the health and safety of every employee is seen as a priority. A safe and healthy work environment and appropriate conditions must be provided for all employees.


  1. Employee's behavior code

VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC is committed to treat all employees with respect, which means the ability to perform their duties and responsibilities in a professional manner. Sometimes, it happens that employees enter the company without having clear ideas about their general or professional responsibilities. The purpose of this chapter is to explain the responsibilities of all employees and the standards of behavior expected of them. This is a guide to business ethics and conflict of interest issues.

4.1 General responsibilities of all employees

  • Employees must be present at work and active throughout working hours. Unjustified absences are not allowed or without the permission of the respective superior.
  • Group absences in companies are prohibited
  • Employees are obliged and responsible for performing the work in accordance with the job description, laws, bylaws, regulations, circulars and orders, practice and custom of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC.
  • While performing the task, the employee must be careful, devoted and determined to protect the interests of the company, being characterized by good behavior.
  • The employee is responsible for carrying out his duties in the right way and at the right time.
  • The employee is prohibited from giving interviews or other information to the media without the authorization of the General Director.
  • The employee, who leaves the job permanently or for a relatively long period, is obliged to make the transfer of work and everything related to the normal continuation of work in the future, to his replacement.
  • The handover of the assignment will be accompanied by the handover of all material monetary values, official documentation, means of work and everything else (electronic or not) that the deceased has been in charge of under his responsibility / position
  • The employee will hold civil and criminal responsibility for damages caused to the company by non-compliance, intentionally or negligently.

4.2 Guidelines for behavior standards The following guidelines will be used as standards of conduct for all employees:

  • Employees must behave professionally and respectfully with all employees, customers and visitors.
  • Employees present themselves well dressed and clean.
  • Employees show up at the company on schedule.
  • Employees need to be productive throughout the work day.
  • The use / abuse of alcohol, intoxicants and the use of illegal drugs is intolerable.
  • Any kind of sexual harassment is intolerable.
  • Racial abuse, harassment and intimidation are intolerable.
  • The issuance and distribution of petitions in the workplace is prohibited.
  • Employees will protect the confidential nature of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC information such as customer list, customer preferences, project proposals, and the company's own productive processes. Employees will also respect the confidential nature of personal information about other employees.
  • No theft will be tolerated.
  • Gambling will not be tolerated.
  • Unauthorized use of company equipment or assets will not be tolerated.



  • The management and staff of VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC must:
  • Perform their duties in accordance with the objectives and interests of the company.
  • Faithfully protect the legal interests, integrity and prestige of the company.
  • Do not involve themselves in any conflict between their personal interests and duties as a manager or   staff of the company.
  • Behave at all times in accordance with their status as a manager or staff of the company.
  • Avoid any action, especially public statements, or profitable activities that may adversely affect their status, or the independence and objectivity required by that status.
  • Exercise maximum maturity in all matters related to the company and maintain confidentiality even after the termination of the employment contract with the company.

5.1 Conflict of Interest Employees owe their work only to the company and no other authority, and will not intentionally engage in any external activity which is incompatible with the full and accurate exercise of their duties and responsibilities in the company; or which may display inaccuracies or become a source of confusion in VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC.

In particular, company executives and staff should not:

  • Influence or accept the instructions of any other entity outside the company while exercising their duties in the company.
  • Accept employment or provide services to a public entity other than the company, including government or other international institutions
  • Serve directly or indirectly or in any name or position that may be considered as employee, manager, administrator, trader, salesman or freelancer within or outside working hours for another natural / legal person for reasons of payment or similar interests. Referred positions, negotiation and expertise, determined by legal or administrative authorities as well as the position of lecturer in higher education will not be included in this restriction. In these cases, the employee must notify his superior and the Human Resources Department in advance, obtaining their prior approval.
  • Accept any remuneration from any entity or government official in connection with their appointment or service with VENTIUS INTERNATIONAL LLC. The employee is required to rely on some specific regulations, with the aim of providing guidance on situations where a potential conflict of interest may arise.



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