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Sponge Production

Sponge Production

Composed of may comfort layers and of the top comfort layer MEMORY that make this mattress the type of the most preferable mattress for you.

Mattress with 25 cm thickness Last and medium layer are composed of polyurethane foams with different densities by providing support in 5 key areas of the body from head to toes, with a
3-dimensional cell structure which enables optimal ventilation all over the surface.

Making Right Decision

Top layer is made of 5cm Memory foam, which fits to the specific contours of your body. Responding to the body temperature and pressure, allows the weight to be distributed evenly across all its surface, in this way you will not feel the pressure of your weight and this way your body will feel relieved.
Airmes Sides for an optimal ventilation. These sides help to remove the humid air from the mattress and put in the fresh air, increasing the air circulation steadily all over the mattress. Sleep comfortably in the right temperature. Base, mattress cover: Soft and smooth, composed of unique materials, of micro-fiber and cotton content, make possible that sheets do not slip in and allows a healthy sleep environment and without troubles. Mattress with a 5 years guarantee!

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