Ventius International

Copperca Mattress

Designed with high quality materials, this mattress is the perfect  combination of support and comfort. Copperca mattress will turn your bed into a peaceful haven where your body and mind relax.


• Convenient and supportive layer, designed to offer you luxury comfort
• Suitable for everyone, regardless of body shape / weight or
sleeping position.
• It has a total height of 22 cm – makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
• 3 cm Latex foam, for perfect weight distribution and relief of pressure points.
• Transition foam 14 Ccmstandard 25D.
• Bottom 3 cm Latex Foam.

The mattress comes covered with a copper fabric cover which can be removed for cleaning. The air Mesh layer helps to remove fresh air from mattress and introduce fresh air inside, increasing air atmosphere in such a way throughout the mattress. Sleep comfortably at the
right temperature.